Bring Ethereum to your ÐApp users

No browser extension required.

How it works

import withHypermask from "hypermask";

web3 = new Web3(withHypermask(infuraProvider));

Integrate HyperMask into your application with two lines of code.

No registration or API keys needed.

When a user triggers an action which requires payment, HyperMask checks for an Ethereum Wallet

If a wallet (such as MetaMask) is installed, nothing about the user experience changes.

Otherwise, a HyperMask iframe dialog presents the user with a simple credit card form.

In the background, an in-browser Ethereum wallet is provisioned locally on the user's computer. Private keys are never uploaded.

Coinbase securely handles payment via credit card or bank transfer.

The Coinbase Buy Widget API is used to send coins to the locally provisioned Ethereum wallet, which signs and submits the transaction.

We all want to see decentralized apps that match centralized services in terms of performance and convenience. Unfortunately, we've got a long way to go. Millions of potential dapp users get discouraged or lose interest in the process of installing a wallet extension and transferring an initial balance.

That's where HyperMask comes in. We provision a wallet in the background and prompt users to add an initial balance via an iframed Coinbase Buy Widget. This makes interacting with a HyperMask-enabled dapp as simple as a standard credit card checkout.

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Built by

Colin McDonnell
Kevin Kwok